Cloud and virtualization

Cloud and virtualization

Cloud and virtualization allows you to access a set of computing resources and make personalized use of software solutions through the internet without the need for servers in your company, or experts who take care of the installation, maintenance and updating of the same. ¡JVSystem does it for you!

Advantages of cloud and virtualization with JVSystem

        • Your information synchronized and available 24/7.
        • Permanent backup of your information (No more backups to be made).
        • Implementation of virtual networks.
        • Your information always safe.
        • Terabyte transfer service for a short period of time.
        • Teleworking implementation.

We take care of the infrastructure and support you with procedures so that you can successfully carry out this digital transformation.

We put at your disposal Hosting and domain with our maintenance and tuning.
Dedicated and shared servers with our commissioning and periodic maintenance services.
Dedicated mail server, Call us to put aside the problems with the loss of your emails.


Check our hosting services and domains with one of our sales representatives, We take care of all the rest.


Go to a more advanced level, Our VPS AND CLOUD servers, with a drop rate less than 1% of the time online.


Dedicated mail servers, that your server neighbors do not make you lose emails by entering black lists.

Because they are not alone, therefore we will always attend to your questions and concerns. The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority.

Because the most important thing is that the servers are always active, we ensure a 99% activity in your online life.

Our years of experience in consulting and application programming have led us to use quality standards and procedures. We are backed by our ISO quality certificate 9001:2015

Security is the most important thing that is why we use restrictive policies and we shield the servers for your security.

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