Computer equipment

When your IT equipment is tools.

We are aware that companies need quick solutions and the best possible support. We know that the needs of companies, from yours, Most of them are not planned and that is where we come in to give you the best service. We try to have a large stock of products of any family in order to be able to give a better service to your company.

We have turned the products we have in our warehouse into a service for our customers. Our equipment service is to always have stock of the most common toners of our clients, have keyboards, mice and monitors ready to replace old peripherals that you have in your offices, Laptops and desktops ready to reach your office and offer maximum performance.

In addition to offering this service we also offer: Backups, installation and support of office tools, like Word, Excel, Outlook, OpenOffice (LibreOffice), we set up virtual VPN networks so you can set up your teleworking area in your company, we virtualize servers, and we clone mechanical disks into solid disks.

Stock of products in warehouse at the best price.

Own or bank financing, renting y leasing,

Home service.

equipos informáticos

How do we do it

We have a store open to the public in Torrent (Valencia). The name of the store is BEEP Informática Torrent. Thanks to this, through the BEEP franchise to have the most innovative products with the best offers and with the best after-sales service that the market today can offer.

For companies we offer our own financing or financing with banks.

We also offer renting which is a great solution for companies that have been operating for a long time and that will be operating for a long time.. It is the most profitable if your plan is long term.

It is important to know your company and the people who make it up. If we know the environment, your projects, your goals ... we can give you what you need.

There is no better price than serving you in less than 24 hours, at your door, with installation service, with the best advice, ...

By also belonging to the BEEP franchise, we can provide hardware service throughout the Spanish geography. How about? Unlimited.

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