Business Intelligence Implementations

Business Intelligence Implementations

The term Business Intelligence or Business Intelligence refers to the use of strategies and tools that serve to transform information into knowledge, and use it to improve the decision-making process in a company.

If you are in the strategic planning department of the company, in top management, finance or marketing, Business Intelligence is your tool and we are your consultants to start the project.

On JVSystem We have years of experience implementing Business Intelligence solutions and we know how to approach them in each business.

Once the information is collected and processed, we proceed to organize it intuitively in dashboards, where you can view:

Business Intelligence

Some of the Business Intelligence implementations that we have carried out:

Inventory control.

Acquisition of spare parts accrual (supplies).

Production dashboards.

Optimized patrolling of the police by population areas or by more conflictive areas.

implementar Business Intelligence

Why implement Business Intelligence?

In this digital age or information age, the power of a company lies in understanding and interpreting information for decision making.

The analysis of the information processed correctly allows defining and implementing customer-oriented strategies, the market, the competition and the inside of the company.

It is vital today to have a tool that reports in real time the possibility of upcoming income, forecast customer orders in the short and medium term, cash flow over time, … Good management of your company is crucial today.

There are all kinds of utilities so that users with little computer knowledge know how to create their own BI information. All these utilities will allow office automation integration making the information integrate with other tools of the company.

We design certain information tables that at a glance can analyze the current state of the company. This allows users who see these pictures to make much faster and more accurate decisions..

The information will be stored on the client or in the cloud. Depending on the purpose, we advise the client to store it in a hosting or in their own home.

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