Systems services

Systems services

In this era of digital transformation, the correct functioning of computer systems is essential for the development of the daily activities of the company. This is why most companies delegate the IT management and maintenance function to qualified external personnel..

This outsourcing is done in order to:

          • Ensure the proper functioning of the company at all times.
          • Minimize downtime.
          • Avoid the interruption of your activity.
          • Receive advice according to your needs.

On JVSystem we are specialists in comprehensive IT solutions, and that is why we want to support them in supporting their networks with our services:

Computer Maintenance

Forget about your company informatics forever! We offer maintenance: Price quotation, Corrective, Predictive and Proactive.

Informatic support

We solve the IT problems of your company in an efficient and professional way.

Computer Consulting

You do not know what technology your company needs? We take care! We advise you to find solutions to your specific needs.

These tasks consist of the prevention and correction of problems in the company's computer equipment. Prevention because the equipment object of the contract undergoes periodic maintenance to avoid premature deterioration. The correction is made when there is no other option but to repair the equipment in question, by replacing the necessary parts or the entire equipment, depending on the most advantageous choice.

Whether your company has a wired or wireless network, we offer a comprehensive maintenance of it, solving the problems that may arise. Likewise, given the importance for your business of the SERVER EQUIPMENT that store the data and provide services, must be kept on the same lines as the previous point, and even with more dedication ensuring their safety through uninterruptible power supply systems, BACKUPS, virus protection, etc. We will take care of your hardware and your software updates thus avoiding unwanted intrusions.

In order to minimize waiting time when a problem arises, we offer a REMOTE ASSISTANCE system, with which we can assist you on the go from our facilities where, if the nature of the fault allows it, we will provide a solution quickly and effectively.

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