Business management software

Business management software

A business management software is the integration of computer tools that are used to perform administrative tasks, the main objective is to simplify, organize and efficiently control the processes of an organization. The best management solution is the one that integrates perfectly with the activities of your company and provides a solution to the specific needs of your business., that's why in JVSystem we have designed different systems that can adapt to your requirements:

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning System

Modular software designed for the management of the fundamental areas of a business, as production, sales, inventories, finance, reports, etc.

CRM – Customer Relations Management System

Modular software designed for business management, marketing and after-sales service.

SCM – Supply Chain Management System

Modular software designed to optimize, integrate and automate processes and participants in the supply chain, according to the production cycle of each company.

SGA – Storage Management System

Modular software designed to control, coordinate and optimize movements, processes or operations that usually occur in a warehouse, in an automated way.

Our business management software has become an irreplaceable tool for the correct administration of all business areas of any SME, and the foundation for a successful digital transformation. It is a solution designed to face the most elaborate business processes, without losing its cost effectiveness, its ease of use and its speed of implementation.

Facilitates the business planning process.

Significantly increases productivity.

Ensures greater efficiency in management.

Improve your customer satisfaction.

Accelerate business relationships.

Increase the quality of logistics.

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